Leadership Discovery Center for Consulting

Leadership Discovery Center

Discovery, refinement and selection of leaders   

Leadership discovery which is to discover leadership capabilities, evaluating managers and executives with a 360-degree approach, putting leaders on the right path, and discovery means that we come out to the public with something that basically exists and is only revealed.

Industry and refinement of leadership talents means creation and refinement. The creation and refinement of leaderships requires unconventional and inexpensive investment. And we at the Leadership Discovery Center think in more modern ways through specific means and tools.

Leadership selection which includes recruitment, discovery, incubation and recruitment, and since the activity nature is servical, so the nature of the work basically depends on many axes as factors for the success of harmonization and reconciliation, and we consider the responsibility for our clients and their sustainability as essential elements in the growth and development plans. We are on a continuous journey to enhance the benefits of the partners

Training and qualifying leaderships as a link and extending bridges between our partners, rehabilitation, training and employment centers and workers in the sector and related activities through the platform of the training incubator specialized in marketing on behalf of others in addition to proposing development programs, identifying training needs, preparing training bags and setting them up, preparing a plan to attract, select, train and qualify employees at home and abroad And providing temporal and spatial service to the success partners.

Marketing and nurturing of leaders
In the sense of self-marketing, we nurture and pay attention to the human element because it is the main pillar, and leaders' marketing is considered a fundamental axis of the leadership discovery center’s work by providing an integrated package of marketing services, whether direct or indirect.

Leadership nurturing... Providing a calm environment that suits the personality of the leader to help him create and innovate, guide them to multiple ways, provide them with the knowledge and expertise, and provide them with the necessary tools they need to carry out their tasks properly combining leadership traits and creativity.

Promote memberships and attracting international speakers and leaders

Promoting memberships and international partnerships, attracting global speakers as influential leaders, and attracting global leaders and competencies, Our aim is to contribute to the transfer of global experiences and build a national system for leaders and creativity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by attracting global title holders with the aim of increasing local content in order to market Saudi Arabia internationally and benefit from international global experiences.

Projects and programs

Research and specialized studies, which is to contribute to the work of research projects on professional requirements and specialized topics in leadership characteristics and between professional requirements to empower leaders and link them to some personal and social variables