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Our projects are in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Supporting leaders to contribute in their roles to sustainable national development

Supporting initiatives originally directed to leaders, identifying opportunities and presenting successful experiences and initiatives

Unifying efforts among all sectors related to leaders in supporting the important role in supporting leaders

Supporting leaders to make their participation effective, promoting, defining and highlighting as an important window for harmonization and reconciliation

Seeking to improve the lifestyle and define and enhance the level of awareness and awareness

Promotion of memberships, international partnerships and professionalism

  • 01 Promotion of memberships among the distinguished and unique services that characterize the Leadership Discovery Center
  • 03 Building partnerships with international associations by promoting memberships, international partnerships and professionalism
  • 05 Leadership traits, benefiting from the services and benefits of these entities, and promoting the talented internationally
  • 07 Develop the talents and trends of leaders and involve them in various fields of science
  • 09 The accompanying exhibitions are directed to leaders to discover and incubate the entrepreneurial features, and it organizes many programs and events, builds capabilities and prepares professional competencies
  • 02 Promoting identities as an added value to members, such as building international partnerships in the field of incubating leaders
  • 04 Enable members to join international associations, take advantage of international organizations to be the umbrella sponsor
  • 06 Programs for organizing international trips and visits are among the unique programs
  • 08 It aims to develop the scientific, technical, research, innovative, personal and social capabilities of them at home and abroad

Attracting global leaders and competencies, international speakers

Leadership Discovery Center fully believes that the world has become a small village

We, in turn, seek to market leaders and share knowledge

We are keen to attract the most famous speakers and global leaders, who combine leadership traits and creativity

Possesses extensive global experience. We seek to be the Leaders Discovery Center the main engine to benefit and transfer global trade, increase local content, bring the most creative leaders and the most skilled specialists, and always pay attention to them for their development and continuity.

Attracting global leaders and competencies

It targets exceptional skills and competencies from outside the Kingdom and introduces them to the benefits of extended residency and owning a private business

Mastery and national citizenship, which leads to raising the efficiency and productivity of work in the Saudi market

Work to raise the level of the economy and the level of services provided in the Kingdom

It is considered an essential work in the Leadership Discovery Center, which is represented in

Attracting global leaders and competencies, which targets exceptional skills and competencies from outside the Kingdom

Searching for competencies compatible with the conditions that the country needs, and then introducing them to the advantages, which include the competitive advantages of the Kingdom, providing them with the benefits of extended residency, and owning a private business.

Being able to issue a self-exit and re-entry visa, and other benefits, and obtaining Saudi citizenship

An electronic platform for selecting and attracting leaders

  • 01 It seeks to be a strategic partner and play a vital role, and works to define the advantages of services directed to the recruiters
  • 03 It means selecting and attracting leaders from inside and outside and aligning them with companies and institutions
  • 05 As a creative environment in which all the elements and tools of economic, social, cognitive and technical empowerment are available
  • 02 Consolidate Saudi Arabia's position and reputation as a business center and as a leading cultural metropolis as an electronic platform
  • 04 Qualifying them to obtain final approval, finalize procedures, and manage the relationship with leaders and attracting entities from all over the world
  • 06 As a forum for intellectual and human convergence and in a way that reflects its values on society

Encyclopedia of leaders and development leaders

A platform that includes strategic initiatives of a sustainable nature and contributes to highlighting leaders

It includes many and varied achievements to become the most important and largest encyclopedia

Highlight the efforts of leaders and community symbols

It contains a database for compatibility between individual members according to declared and binding standards and conditions for all

Relying on highly confidential and privacy standards to suit our society.

To be the main driver and main umbrella for preserving the interests of the leaders, which is the basic building block of society

Finding a platform that unifies efforts between the concerned authorities and under one platform, providing spatial and temporal service with ease and ease

Holding scientific competitions or exhibitions for leaders, through which we can learn about leadership and creative work

Unifying the efforts of the authorities and their task is to evaluate the creative work of the leaders and to limit their preparation.

Providing the leader with devices, tools and scientific materials that the leader can use in the process of creativity and inventions

To know the creative leaders of all the progress that is happening in the world in all respects

Providing an appropriate atmosphere in which the creator can develop his creative abilities and talents, and provide psychological counseling and guidance.

Organizing special courses for leaders as a vital and important project, and it is a program linked to some important aspects of human life

Leadership Discovery Center through the Leadership Discovery Center, leadership sponsorship and leadership marketing

Training and qualifying leaders, selecting leaders, casting, matching

Attracting global speaking leaders and attracting global leaders and competencies

Promote memberships, international partnerships and professionalism

An incubator for training, research and studies specialized in leadership traits

Establishing and launching projects leaders need care that enables them to develop their energies to the fullest possible level

Promote memberships and attract international speakers and leaders

  • 01 Promote international memberships and partnerships
  • 03 Attracting global leaders and competencies
  • 05 Building a national system for leaders and creativity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • 07 Marketing for Saudi Arabia internationally and benefiting from international global experiences
  • 02 Attracting global speakers as influential leaders
  • 04 Contribute to the transfer of global experiences
  • 06 Attracting world title holders with the aim of increasing local content

Administrative succession program

  • 01 A program originally directed to administrative cadres, especially potential managers, those with leadership tendencies and those with skills
  • 03 Follow the latest and most successful methods used in discovering their skills and awareness activities
  • 05 Guiding them in multiple ways and providing them with knowledge and experience
  • 02 With the aim of developing and qualifying them to assume leadership positions, especially critical ones, and designing specialized programs through
  • 04 Providing a calm environment that suits the personality of the leader to help him creativity and innovation
  • 06 Providing them with the necessary tools they need to carry out their tasks in the correct manner that combines leadership and creativity traits
Leaders Club. The role is

  • Building a network of relationships between leaders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their international counterparts
  • Shedding light on the most important achievements and providing an incubating environment for leaders
  • Transferring global experiences and creating many events for the Leaders Club
  • Enhancing and supporting the economy by empowering leaders to carry out the role entrusted to them in the direction of society
  • Supporting joint business and monitoring and evaluating the most important international standards for the concept of excellence
  • Creating a spirit of competition between institutions and personalities at the global level
  • It aims to achieve leadership, excellence and creativity in performance towards social responsibility
  • Launching an encyclopedia award each year targeting leaders
  • The award criteria should be integrative and not differential, with international standards of high quality and international specifications
  • Strengthening relationships between local companies and international companies
  • Participation in events for leaders
  • Social responsibility and under the slogan of social responsibility in building a conscious future with the aim of achieving sustainable development goals
  • Creating bridges of joint international relations at the investment, economic and development levels
  • Providing examples of community symbols as role models for young people
  • Leadership Encyclopedia Award
  • Sustainability in building a conscious future in light of the current challenges
  • To rise to the ranks of regional and global awards in accordance with the goals of sustainable development 2030
  • For Saudi Arabia to be the investment destination and the ideal place for leaders
    Rehabilitation and encouragement of the human resource to participate in the economic process
Research and studies specialized in leadership traits

  • Contribute to the work of research projects on professional requirements specialized in leadership traits and leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Strategic planning, change management and performance management for multiple levels
  • Preparing and formulating organizational and administrative structures and setting work manuals and regulations
  • Organizing meetings and awareness-raising events and issuing information materials on labor culture
  • Conducting job satisfaction surveys with the aim of developing and improving efficiency
  • Studying the relationship between the professional requirements of the gifted and some personal and social variables, and examining the impact of qualification and the number of professional requirements for the gifted
  • Develop human resources, including job descriptions, evaluation, motivation, and training
  • Establishing labor committees, supervising elections, formulating their goals and plans, and developing their resources
  • Empowering women, supporting their participation and contribution, and improving the spatial environment

Re-orientation project according to Vision 2030.

Our role is to

  • Rediscover the person's attitudes and train them
  • Supporting the labor market and people in partnership with the private sector and with the Ministry of Education and Labor
  • Holding events with entities related to the entrepreneurship industry that have dedicated professional academic and non-academic programs inside and outside Saudi Arabia
  • Contracting many programs and many contracts with training and educational agencies, and the idea is purposeful
  • Creating programs for private education institutions, chambers of commerce and industry, professional and scientific associations, the non-profit third sector, and agencies

Marketing for international certificates

  • 01 Discovering leaders who seek to be a possible entity in the field of training, qualification, marketing and promotion on their electronic platforms for international certificates
  • 03 Enabling them to pass training courses, professional certificates and international certificates that we issue with an international license and accreditation from the awarding bodies of these certificates in all disciplines
  • 02 Enabling those interested and specialists to obtain it based on the needs of the community through
  • 04 With Microsoft Oracle
Corporate University

  • As a unique entity with the aim of achieving a required social change in the human field
  • Building a partnership with the Institute of the Institute of the current institute in Saudi Arabia
  • It seeks to be the main driver of the rehabilitation and specialized training sector in accordance with the vision, mission and objectives of each organization
  • We develop and sharpen the skills of company employees by providing leadership advisory and guidance services
  • According to the Kingdom's 2030 vision, we seek to be part of the transformation champions
  • Shedding light on the future opportunities and the opportunities expected from the economics of the vision represented in the establishment of events and events
  • Organizing events and workshops and signing agreements with ministries, government agencies, universities and associations
  • Training and qualifying leaders as a focal point Building bridges between our partners, rehabilitation centers, training and employment, and workers in the sector and related activities
  • Marketing on behalf of others, in addition to proposing development programs
  • Determining training needs and preparing and setting up training packages
  • Providing temporal and spatial service for success partners
  • We will have a tendency to conduct a program to discover leaders and trainers in these areas, to attract and support them, in addition to
  • Leadership Discovery Center for training originally directed to the public and private sectors
  • We create programs and tools to transfer knowledge and then
  • Discovering leaders in the field of activities related to the Kingdom's Vision 2030
  • To be the main driver in the dissemination of knowledge
  • •Building a partnership with the bodies associated with human resources, represented in
  • Establishing work teams, organizing and linking them to the authorities to be an umbrella for discovering leaders in the field of activities related to the Kingdom's vision 2030 to hold events, exhibitions and job forums
  • Training incubator platform specialized in
  • Determining training needs and preparing and setting up training packages
  • Preparing a plan to attract, select, train and qualify employees at home and abroad

Marketing and Leadership

Marketing and leadership care in the sense of self-marketing. We care and pay attention to the human element because it is the main pillar and considers leadership marketing as a main focus of the Leadership Discovery Center work by providing an integrated package of marketing services, whether direct or indirect

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